College Assistance Migrant Program

The College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP) at the University of New Mexico is 100% federally funded through the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Migrant Education in the amount of $2,094,414 for a 5-year grant period. The residential CAMP program was established to identify, recruit, admit, and enroll migrant and seasonal farm worker students and provide them with academic, social, and financial support to enable the completion of their first year of college.

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  • Helps students transition from secondary school to post-secondary school.
  • Fosters the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to succeed in post-secondary school.
  • Facilitates students’ development of the academic skills, personal self-confidence, and financial resources necessary to continue in an undergraduate program at UNM.
  • In addition, after their first year of participation in the program, CAMP students have the opportunity to receive on-going academic support services from the Division of Student Affairs. These support services may facilitate CAMP students' retention in higher education through graduation and beyond.

Informacion del Programa

El Programa Universitario de Asistencia a la persona Migrante (CAMP) de la Universidad de Nuevo México es patrocinado por el Departemento de Educacion. El Programa residencial CAMP fue establecido para identificar, reclutar, admitir e inscribir a estudiantes agrícolas migrantes y proveerles el apoyo académico, social y financiero para habilitarlos a completar su primer año de estudios en la universidad.

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  • Identify and recruit eligible students in high school across New Mexico and the surrounding areas.
  • To provide information and support for students and their families to understand the potential of a college education and to ensure that students receive adequate preparation for college during their senior year in high school, including filing for financial aid in a timely manner.
  • To provide a quality program that will help CAMP scholars develop the skills necessary to successfully complete their first academic year and continue through a completion of a bachelor’s degree.
  • To provide a complete package of support services including meaningful social experiences, cultural enrichment activities, leadership skills, and life-long focus of personal growth necessary to complete the freshman year, and contribute to the students' successful completion of an undergraduate degree.
  • To provide financial assistance for academic living costs during CAMP scholars’ first academic year.
  • To provide CAMP scholars with access to various resources within the university to support their personal and professional development.
  • To educate CAMP Scholars on their desired career paths, and provide direction and a firm foundation for further educational endeavors.
  • To retain and graduate CAMP scholars from the university and encourage the pursuit of graduate and/or professional degrees.
  • To expose CAMP scholars to the academic and professional opportunities within the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) fields on campus and around the UNM community.

Application and Eligibility

CAMP eligibility requirements:

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  1. Has, or has at least one immediate family member who has, spent a minimum of 75 days during the past 24 months as a migrant or seasonal farmworker or; OR
  2. Is eligible to participate, or has participated, in the Migrant Education Program or the National Farmworker Jobs Program.
  3. Is enrolled or admitted for enrollment as a full-time student at UNM.
  4. Is not beyond the first academic year of a program of study at UNM
  5. Is determined by the CAMP to need the academic and supporting services and financial assistance provided by the project in order to complete an academic program of study at the UNM.
  6. Is a U.S Citizen or Permanent Resident.

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These support services will facilitate CAMP students' retention in higher education through graduation and beyond.


UNM-CAMP students will participate in a comprehensive curriculum designed to meet their academic, financial, and social needs to complete their first year of college. CAMP participants will be enrolled in university courses and receive*:

  1. Specialized tutoring, study skill instruction and academic instruction workshops
  2. Peer mentoring from current UNM students
  3. Personalized academic advising and guidance with career exploration and financial aid
  4. Workshops related to life-skills (Example of topics: how to create and maintain a budget, personal wellness, community service, etc.)
  5. Exposure to cultural events, educational self-development programs, career fairs, and referral to health services usually not available to migrant youth, all within the university and the immediate community.

*Additional support services will be offered as needed to ensure participants' success in the program

CAMP Alumni

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Contact Information

  • College Assistance Migrant Program
  • University of New Mexico
  • 1 University of New Mexico
  • MSC 06 3840
  • Albuquerque, NM 87131
  • Phone: 505-277-5492
  • Fax: 505-277-2182


  • Ivan Olay
  • Program Specialist
  • Phone: 505-277-5492
  • Email:
  • Trinidad Mendoza
  • Sr. Student Program Advisor/Recruiter
  • Phone: 505-340-4856
  • Email:
  • Diana Martinez-Campos
  • Sr. Student Program Advisor
  • Phone: 505-277-0744
  • Email:


The Rural Student Project (RSP) was established to identify and support students from rural New Mexico communities at the University of New Mexico. The RSP will provide a financial stipend for rural students during one academic year to assist them in achieving their educational goals while also helping them create roots in the Albuquerque and UNM community. RSP scholars will have the opportunity volunteer in Albuquerque, gain experience outside the academic realm, meet community members, and make an impact in the community.


Eligible students must have graduated from a rural high school or must have resided in a rural community in New Mexico. The Rural Student Project is looking for students whose hometown population is lower than 50,000 people or students who come from a subdivision community of an urban area with a population no larger than 2,500 people. If you have any question on this please contact us.

Student must have filed a FASFA form (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and demonstrate a financial need. Additionally, the applicant must be admitted and enrolled full-time (min. 15 credit hours) at the University of New Mexico.


Scholars agree to participate in the Rural Student Project for one academic year (Fall and Spring semesters). During this year scholars will attend two workshops, and perform 30 hours of community service per semester with a Rural Student Project partner, La Plazita Institute. La Plazita engages New Mexico’s youth, elders and communities in a comprehensive, holistic and cultural approach.


  • Supplemental Financial Assistance ($1000/semester)
  • Gaining Community Engagement Experience

If you meet the eligibility requirements and would like to apply for the Student Rural Project please submit your application for consideration by June 30, 2015.

Rural Student Project Scholar Application

If you have any questions or would like more information on the RSP, please contact the UNM CAMP by

phone (505) 277-5492


by email at


Please submit your application by Mail to:

Rural Student Project
College Assistance Migrant Program
MSC06 3840
1 University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM 87131

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College Assistance Migrant Program

Vision Statement:

College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP) will foster the dream of attaining a post-secondary education for students from a rural farm working background through self-empowerment.

Mission Statement

To provide personal, professional, and academic enrichment for its scholars, staff, and community at large. Through personalized mentoring, tutoring and advisement, CAMP will guide its participants in developing practical skills necessary to attain a baccalaureate degree and beyond. CAMP will provide scholars with the tools to help them successfully complete their first year at the university by means of academic, social and financial support. In collaboration with university departments, CAMP will ensure that CAMP scholars have every opportunity to transition into programs that will continue to support them after their first year of college.