The Rural Student Project was established to recruit and support students from rural New Mexico communities. As an RSP scholar, you will have opportunities to learn and experience the value of service work and to connect with community members. You will gain experience by working alongside other scholars in a variety of volunteer opportunities that will help make a lasting impact in your local community. We plan to be working with groups like the Roadrunner Foodbank and Animal Humane, as well as organizing local clean-up efforts and service activities aimed toward the interests of our scholars. The scholarship offered each semester seeks to support students as they work to achieve their academic goals while also helping build roots in our Albuquerque and UNM communities.


The Rural Student Project is looking for students whose hometown population is lower than a population of 50,000 or be from a subdivision community of an area with no more than 2,500 people.

*This scholarship is open to UNM students regardless of their immigration status*

To be eligible to participate in the Rural Student Project you must:

1) Must be admitted and enrolled as a full-time student (min. 15 credit hrs.) at the University of New Mexico during the current school year.

2) Must be an undergraduate student, beyond freshman year.

3) Must have completed the FAFSA or State Aid application (for students who are non-U.S. Citizens) and demonstrate financial need.

4) One of the following statements must apply to you.

a) Student must have graduated from a high school in a rural community.

b) Or student must have resided in a rural community in New Mexico within the last year.


As a Rural Student Project Scholar, you will receive:

* Supplemental Financial Assistance ($1000/semester)

* Community Engagement Experience

* Resume Building



Scholars agree to participate in the Rural Student Project for one previous academic year. RSP Scholars are required to:

* Complete 40 hours of community service per semester.

* Attend a Fall & Spring program overviews.

* Attend three workshops per semester.

* Maintain a minimum of full time status at UNM (15 credit Hours)

* Maintain a minimum 2.0 G.P.A.