Full Time Staff

Ivan Olay


Sr Program Manager (Director)

Phone: 505-277-5492
Email: iolay@unm.edu

Ivan Olay was born in Mexico City, where both of his parents were born and raised. At the age of seven, his parents and two siblings migrated to Albuquerque, New Mexico, in search of a new life. Like most immigrants with little resources, they struggled for many years. Although from a low-income background, their lives were rich with struggles and triumphs. His father’s persistence to succeed was imbedded in him even though he realized those lessons later in life. His mother’s unconditional love was unyielding even when he “rebelled.” In the fall of 1994, Ivan became a Lobo and graduated from the Anderson School of Management in 2002, and he earned his Executive Master of Business Administration in May 2023.

Cynthia Padilla


Student Success Specialist

Phone: 505-277-0744
Email: cypadilla11@unm.edu

Cynthia Padilla was born in Chihuahua, Mexico. Her and her family migrated to Dallas, Texas when she was six years old. They lived in Texas for six months and then relocated to Albuquerque, New Mexico. Her mom recalls seeing Cynthia’s love for books and curiosity develop at an early age. Consequently, her mom always encouraged her to strive for her education as it would allow her to have greater opportunities. Cynthia’s appreciation for education, literature, and her parents’ sacrifice led her to the University of New Mexico in 2013. She pursued her Bachelor of Arts in English Language & Literature and graduated in 2017. She worked at South Valley Academy as a program assistant coordinator where she worked with high school students. However, Cynthia’s mentor, Dr. Jesses Alemán, inspired her to aim for her graduate studies. In 2019, she started her Master’s program and she took on a teaching assistantship with the English department. She taught English composition courses. Through her teaching, she realized she was passionate about working with students in higher education. Cynthia graduated with her Master of Arts in English Language and Literature in the Spring of 2021. After she graduated, she was hired as a Sr. Academic Advisor at University College Advisement Center. She worked there for two years before transitioning into CAMP as the program advisor. Her goal is to continue to inspire students (as her mentors inspired her) to embrace the opportunities that education has to offer.

Samantha "Sammi" Williams

Program Coordinator for CAMP/HEP

Phone: 505-277-0276
Email: skwilliams@unm.edu

Sammi graduated from CNM with an Associates in Liberal arts in 2014. She loves working with CAMP and HEP helping students get the education that they need and want. She is going to UNM for her Bachelor’s in Business Administration and plan to also receive her MACCT from UNM, then eventually to get her CPA. She loves helping people and bringing joy any time she gets the chance, and uses desserts to accomplish this!